Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I am so proud of my husband, Andrew! He has his own business, PASTOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, and does trim and paint finishing for newly constructed homes and remodels. He has worked with several contractors and always seems to be in high demand for projects all over the Erie area. Andrew,my son Jason, and Grandpa Pastor all shared in this doll house bed and play center for my youngest girls. They created this piece of functional art with in a week's time while still working for the contractors. The time they shared building it will be memories they will share. It was such a nice project and the girls absolutely adore it! Thank you Grandpa, Andrew, and Jason for all the hard work you put into this amazing piece!

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SewnAgain said...

Jodie, what a a creative family you all are! It was neat seeing the delight on your girls' faces when they first saw the dollhouse bed.
Regards, Alison (SewnAgain)