Friday, December 19, 2008

"FISHMAN" How to Ink Art by Jane/ katat0nik eBay

I was recently cleaning out my favorites section on the computer when I came across several HOW TO's and WIP's including this one! katat0nik is an excellent artist who sells on eBay. This how to tutorial was posted in the ATC & ACEO Enthusiasts group and I thought I would share it here as well. I encourage you to check out all the fine artists both on eBay and Etsy by using key word search ACEO!

"Fishman" - by Jane/katat0nik
Medium: Red BIC ball-point pen (aka biro)
Paper: Acid free 100lb Smooth Bristol scrap

I did not use any pencil on this...
TIP: stick a Post-It on your desk and use it to wipe the tip of your pen on...this will keep ink from building up on the tip & you won't get ink globs on your work.

1. Simple sketch

2. Fishman comes to life

3. Two faces appear as his body developes

4. Finished Fishman

This one sold, of course! :0)

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zJayne said...

I have always been drawn to katat0nik's art, talent and insight. I have not seen her around for some time... please let me know if you find her listings anywhere. She rocks and this is a taste of her talent.

Not to mention, you gotta love her katat0nik name (which just speaks to me too!)