Saturday, October 18, 2008

We are back from Lewes Delaware!

The North American Sea Glass Festival was HUGE this year! The weather was perfect for the venue and the line to get in was long! There were many wonderful vendors with unique exibits and beautiful jewelry to sell. I was a part of this venue last year when it was held in Santa Cruz, Ca. and was amazed then! This year's festival added new and exciting things a long with some similarities to the Santa Cruz festival.
Lectures were offered from expert sea glass hunters and collectors. Collectors of old bottles and beautiful Japanese floats that wash up on the Alaskan coast were set up for viewing.


Several authors including Richard LaMotteof Pure Sea Glass were on hand to sign books and answer questions.


And the Shard of the Year contest brought in some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of sea glass, pottery, and stoppers that I've ever seen.


I know this was a very successful festival for sea glass enthusiasts alike! To view a slide show of the festival visit NASGA'S on-line magazine The Sea Glass Journal. So, where will next year's festival be? I've been listening to the crowd of customers, the sellers, the collectors, and the many members of NASGA and there is talk of having it back in Lewes or in my neck of the woods here in Erie, Pa. The official votes will be counted around October 30th so we will know for sure after that date.
On a second note, one might think that we would be tired of sea beach glass after such a huge event but not us! We went right back out to the beach the first chance we got and what does my daughter Hanna find? A marble, of course!


Dennis Weed said...

On Oct 14, there was a couple of lines on the festival site stating that the 2009 North American Sea Glass Festival will be held
in Erie, PA. I saw that and asked for the specific dates and didn't hear back. Humm.

LakeErieBeachGlass said...

Hello Dennis and thanks for commenting. I am not a board member for NASGA but I am a commercial member and during Friday night's meeting at the festival, we decided to have an official vote for the spot. We have until the end of October to get our votes in and then they will be tallied and the 2009 location site and dates will be announced. :0)

zJayne said...

THANK YOU for sharing this in your blog! I love hearing about the festival. PA would be absolutely awesome for next year, we'd be sure to make it!

NEVER tired of beach glass...miss making time for the pleasure of finds.

LEBG. . . your blog rocks! Like you~

artaddict said...

Hope the festival is near you---that would be great exposure and probably tons of fun!