Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MetalSmiths In Action!

I'm very happy to have been accepted to a great group of MetalSmith Artists and MetalSmith Artists in Training on Etsy! Check us out at http://metalsmithsinaction.webs.com/index.htm This will be an excellant source of encouragement, support, and knowledge. I work best when I have others to bounce ideas off of so I'm excited to be a part. Maybe! Just Maybe I might be able to offer some advice, too! So, I'm excited to start encorporating more metal work into my jewelry designs beyond bezeling!


I look forward to posting items soon! Here is a simple, fun, and versitile piece that uses a little bit of MetalSmithing technique.


This CHARMING necklace is offered for sale in my Etsy Shop with a few others that are similar. The purpose of the necklace is to use beach found objects including sea glass, drift wood, melted aluminum, beach stones, or any other cool objects found on our beaces in a "CHARM' style so you can intermix the pieces at will. You can wear one, two, or a whole bunch together as they easily slide off the leather cording and are replaced in different ways. I have handmade several of the sterling silver findings and the copper rings. The copper rings were forged and slowly fired to achieve a rose type finish. These were fun to make and are just as fun to wear. :0)


Kelli Sincock said...

Thanks for featuring us! What a beautiful blog!!!

Ted said...

Interesting! My sister and I love collecting beach stones, sea glass, sea shells and other rare finds. Both of us are fond of jewelry making, too. We study and buy supplies of useful materials like nickel alloys, aluminum, brass, copper and silver alloys for that purpose. Thanks for sharing your passion with us, Jodie! Now, I'm inspired.