Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 Let's get back to Glassing!

Wow! It has been a REALLY long time since I've posted anything to the blog. I appologize! First, Let me say that the 2009 Sea Glass Festival was awesome but very exhausting. I found that I really needed to take a break for glassing for a little while, regroup, and then come back to it fresh minded. What better way for me to get back into creating then to be contacted by our Fairview Middle Schoolto contribute a piece to the yearly Adopt An Artist program.

The auction was held Friday March 5th at The Lake Shore Country club and featured the live performance of artist Molly Glover. Molly's performance captivated the audience as she painted the portrait of Albert Einstein on a 4 x 6 foot canvas in just under 3 minutes. Her piece sold for over $2,000.00 that night! Way to go Molly! For those of you who may be new to Molly's art, she is a beautiful young teenager who paints these beuatiful portraits usine her hands while listening to music!

My donated piece is the first in my spring line of Sea Flora. Although my piece did not auction for $2,000.00 I was pleased with its performance any way!


Here is to a new year of happiness and plenty of glassing!

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