Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Earth Day Eco Etsy Auction Soon To Be Here!

Spring is arriving! I can feel it! February has come and gone and March certainly has made its lion like appearance here in Erie Pa. With Spring the new beginings of nature begin to poke their little heads up from the slumbering earth. And with the awakening of the earth comes the time for EARTH DAY!

What IS Earth Day anyway? Earth Day is a day to promote awareness, to show appreciation, and to spark an action of good for the Earth's environment. It will be held on 22 April, 2011 this year.

With the upcoming event this year Eco Etsy, a team of crafters and artisans with a focus on using recycled and/or upcycled materials in their projects will hold their 2nd Annual Handmade Earth Day Auction begining the first week of April. As a team, Eco Etsy will be participating by donating the proceeds of out auction to an earth conscious non-profit organization. The voting for this organization is occuring this week and the results will be posted on the Eco Etsy blog site soon!

Each Monday for the first 3 weeks in April an auction will be presented for bidding on the Eco Etsy team blog ( The auction for that day will contain the entire grouping of items pertaining to that category. Bids may be left throughout that week in the comments box of that category's blog post in the same manner as last year. The auction will be open for the entire week and closed on the following Monday as the new auction is revealed. The three auctions are as follows:
• April 4th- Home - home related items
• April 11th- For You - anything that goes on a person's body
• April 18th- For Kids - kid related items

Lake Erie Beach Glass is proud to be offering items for auctions being held April 11th and April 18th.

Please check out Eco Etsy's blog for additional information and other eco minded tips, ideas, and items for sale.

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