Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted to build your own lemonade stand, make some lemonade, and make a whole lot of money so you could go to the toy store and buy your favorite toy? After my little girls came to me in wind storm of excitement over their newly discovered and unique idea, the memories came flooding back to me. For me, it was those plastic little hasbro ponies with the big eyes, colorful hair, and pretty little symbols on their rump! Yes! You got it! My Little Pony from the good ole 80's. I am dating myself and I digress a bit but am jerked back to the present with little hands pulling on my shirt and bringing me out of the clouded world of memory.

"Why not?", I thought! So, the girls and I went to my husband (the handy wood crafting guy) to see what he had for scraps to make a lemonade stand! The girls helped put the stand together and even created and painted the designs on it! The older two also helped but don't corner them and ask because they'll never admit it!

So, the final product was ready for its curb side trial. All that was needed to complete the project was the lemonade and a trusty little jar to hold the profits!

Look at how well the girls did! They enjoyed themselves so much and our community was extremely supportive! I'm just glad that our township officials didn't stop by to ask us for our permit! Eeeek!


virtuallori said...

So adorable! I hope they made a bundle.

Vintage said...

Lemonade stands are making a comeback! The kids in our neighborhood have one on every corner! How adorable.

alexkeller said...

so adorable! i'm waiting for our lemon & lime trees to bear fruit so my son & i can set up a roadside stand :)

mousewords said...

So cute! I remember those days; though for me it was serving lemonade to my family out of miniature porcelain teacups, or selling bubblegum and pretty rocks out of a red wagon. Didn't make much profit, but had fun! :-)

The Thrifty Sparrow said...

I love lemonade, I had some last night. I bet they had a ton of fun. I used to have a bunch of My Little Pony dolls too, I bought my daughter a Tin Lunch Box for her 1st birthday!

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