Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recycled, Upcycled, Gourd Art by Patti Owens!

Patti Owens aka Lily-Puts Art is well known for her whimsical creations of folk tales through the recycling or upcycling of gourds! I happen to proudly own several pieces of here work including The Cow That Jumped Over The Moon and a children's painting on recycled wood. Patti sells some of her work both on eBay(type in her id as lilyputs-art) and on Etsy.
Here's a little bit about Patti...
"I started doing art as a child, but I wanted an eclectic whimsical feel in my home so I started creating again. I love wacky designs and mix-matched art in an environment. Once I re-found art I was unable to stop. Driven by a wonderful compulsion I continued to expand my ideas and art to share with friends and family. I have shown my art in a gallery in the resort area near my home with much success But being a full time special education teacher and part time after school supervisor, time did not permit me to continue with the projects. As you may have noticed I am inspired by childhood events and carefree times that once sparked my imagination. Finding the internet as a perfect venue for my whimsical creation has given me the freedom to make what I want, when I want without any expectations. Today my goal is to promote my own art and other green artist in the US. I started this little online shop to expand on my own without timeline and fuss." Check out Patti's art in her Etsy shop here.

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