Friday, May 30, 2008

Faceted Sea Glass Beads, Handles, Stoppers, and Figurines!

There are some pieces of Sea Glass that the avid collector will cherish! These are a few that I hold dear to my heart. It is so exciting to walk the local beaches and collect sea glass then come across a faceted glass bead, a handle to a mug, a stopper to an apothacary jar, perfume bottle, or decanter, or to find a face to a figurine. All of these items at one time were intact and had a useful purpose. When their purpose was fulfilled, they were tossed out where the water could find it, reshape them and give them texture then throw them right back at us as little gems. Here are a few of my little special gems!

Faceted Glass Beads

More Faceted Glass Beads

Faces of Figurines. Is that Washington or Bach?

My Favorite Little Perfume Bottle Stopper!

Other Stoppers and Handles!


zJayne said...

This is going to be such a cool blog! LOOK at that faceted RED piece...oh-a-my-a-gosh. What a find!

I thoroughly enjoy seeing and learning about these. I have not been to the lake yet this year to hunt and miss it immensely.

Thanks for sharing these, and your beautiful jewelry on Etsy!


LazyTcrochet said...

It's amazing that you've found all these! So cool.

Leola said...

Wow, who knew you could find such neat things. I wish I lived near there. It would be such fun. I love your stuff :) (southshoreartist)