Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pink Depression Glass and Sea Glass

OK, So many of you who visit already know that I am an avid beach comber and particularly collect sea glass to make jewelry with. One of the more rewarding aspects of collecting sea glass, for me at least, is to be able to identify my pieces. I found this lovely little pink piece that has a floral design on it. Then on another day, I found another lovely little pink piece in the shape of a pointy shoe. I didn't realize that the two pieces have a similar history until I went antique shopping! I recognized the pattern on a pink depression glass plate to match the piece of sea glass that I had found. It is the Cherry Blossom pattern. I brought the plate home and lo and behold the second piece of sea glass also matches the plate! What a find!! There is so much undiscovered history in pieces of sea glass!




LazyTcrochet said...

Very cool. It's great to have some perspective as to what the glass once was!

mousewords said...

That is sooo beautiful!